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Queens on Purpose

Live Your Life On PURPOSE &
Be the QUEEN You Were Born to Be!

Discover Clarity, Get Unstuck, Transform Your Life & Be the Best Version of Yourself!

You're a Woman Who Want to be EMPOWERED by EMBODYING your


Overcome Frequent Self-Doubt, Procrastination, Self-Sabotage, & Obstacles, &


What is your vision of your future, your life, and who you want to become?

What will happen if you continue staying stuck where you're at?

You're meant to fully embody your VALUE!

Start your journey here and be guided through:

  • Discovering Your Identity, Soul Calling, & Life Purpose

  • Overcome Hidden Obstacles & Get Unstuck

  • Realizing & Owning Your Self-Worth

  • Build Confidence & Self-Esteem

  • Manifesting Wealth & Abundance

  • Becoming & Embodying the Best Version of You


  • Advanced Transformational Therapy & Coaching

  • Guided Meditations

  • Energy Work

  • Weekly Homework

  • Facebook Group Community Support


  • 30-Day Get Started Renewal Guide & Journal

  • Energetic Cord Cutting Detox Meditation


If by the end of 3 months you:

  • have not found clarity on your purpose, 

  • on your pathway to purpose, and 

  • courageously do inspired risk-taking action towards your journey,

we will continue to work with you for 1 more month.

Only 6 spots available.

Click below to get started.

Women with Sparklers

This is an Advanced Transformational Therapy & Coaching group program.

Group therapy is a great space to share each other's experiences, feedback and support each other in their healing journey. 

Invite Wendy to guide you along with other women through a transformational experience of a lifetime. Be guided through discovering clarity, underlying obstacles, rapidly rewiring your brain’s neural pathways, and replace your outdated belief systems and negative behavior patterns. New life-affirming beliefs are formed, and the self-healing process begins. 

Advanced Transformational Therapy & Coaching delivers extraordinary, permanent change from physical, emotional, and psychological pain by reframing your core beliefs, values, habits, and emotions deep in the subconscious. Install new patterns to support you and the change you want to create for a better life. 

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