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Hear it from others and what they have to say about  their experiences with their transformational therapy.

Happy Woman

Issue: Headache / Pain

Hi Wendy,


I would like to express my deepest gratitude to you Wendy. I am a fifty-year-old child abuse survivor and I have been chronically ill since I was 5 years old. I suffer from Parkinson’s disease, fibromyalgia, COPD, prolapse mitral valve, and hypertension. I can't remember the last time that I wasn't experiencing extreme pain or some other type of malaise in my body. I've felted horrible everyday for at least the past 15 years.

I had my session about two weeks ago and I haven't experienced any of the chronic pain that has plague me in the past. I'm actually pain-free and my energy level has improved tremendously. Wendy you helped me transform my life and I am extremely grateful.


You hypnotized me for a headache and what came up was that I had a lot of repressed anger that I expressed with pain and sickness in my body. These things were buried so deep in my subconscious that I was not even aware of them, but you pulled it out of me. 


I can't believe that you're a student. Your degree of professionalism, patience, and insight can't be matched. Everyone knows when a star is born, and I predict that you will rise to the top of the hypnotherapy field in record time.




April 28, 2021

Issue: Relationships

How would you rate our services?: 

Describe your experience.: 


What was your life like before your session?: 
Confusing and painful


What were your challenges?: 
Finding my self worth through dating


What did you love about your session?: 
It was very healing. I released a lot of emotions I didn’t think I was holding on to. Wendy offered a safe and compassionate space for me.


What is your life like after the session?: 
I feel more empowered, surrendered and accepting of other people’s actions. I don’t take it as personally.




Meditation by the Beach

Issue: Procrastination and Lack of Confidence

How would you rate our services?:

I went to see Wendy because I was having problems with marketing.  I hadn't got the confidence to put myself out there because of this I was procrastinating.

I wouldn't show up on social media.  I found it difficult to put content together. Basically to market myself.  I was hiding away doing other things in my business.

What were your challenges?:
Procrastinating.  Lack of confidence.

What did you love about your session?:
Wendy did an amazing session.  She really understood my needs.  I loved the audio she did for me.  It really resonated with me and I listened to it for 21 days.

What is your life like after the session?:
I find that I am more confidence. I am busy putting together my website.  I am putting together programs and I'm really enjoying it.

Wendy's voice is calming and relaxing.  She speaks clearly and slowly.

I would recommend anyone to see Wendy.  She is such a professional.  She makes you feel relaxed.  She listens to your needs. She really understands what it is you want and need.

The session was wonderful.  Thanks again Wendy.  Merry Christmas.  You are an amazing therapist.


Spontaneous Kiss

Issue: Doubting Intuition

How would you rate our services?:

Please describe your experience.:

What was your life like before your session?:
I had a block to fully trust my intuition

What were your challenges?:
I will overthink or question myself.

What did you love about your session?:
your calm pace. I was able to really find the root cause of my problem and get a lot of understanding

What is your life like after the session?
After a week, I feel more in tune with my intuition. I definitely trust more my intuition and to an extend myself.


What do you love about your audio recording?:

The pace. The audio is beautiful!


What additional comments would you like to provide?:
I do recommend anyone to work with you. I really appreciated the openness regarding the session and the patience you had.



Confident Businesswoman