Be Like a Lighthouse

I don't remember the last time I ever wrote a poem nor any creative work; however, I was inspired after diving down a rabbit hole into Human Design. I learned about the different profiles, lines, and authority types. I pulled up a free chart and discovered that I'm a Self-Projected Projector/Orchestrator 1/3. This inspired me to write this poem. Which human design profile are you and what have you discovered about yourself?

Be Like a Lighthouse

Be like a lighthouse

Stand tall and strong

Braving nature's forces

Sharing stories of weathered walls

Shine your light from deep within

Casting over your shadows’ past

Ships and souls drawn to your light

As you stand tall, brave, and strong

Serving your purpose

Being of service to wandering souls

On various journeys from afar

Surviving waves of high and low

In search of the light that shines so bright

Lighting the dark sky high above

Casting light over their shadows’ past

Guiding them to their rightful paths

Remembering in sight the light they own

Expanding the light within they glow

Standing tall, brave, and strong

Ready and free to face new currents

Be like a lighthouse

Stand tall, brave, and strong

Shine your light from within so bright

Shimmering ripples of hope through tides

© Wendy Lee-Chu

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